How Teens Are Really Using Social Media _ Edudemic.jpgShall we resurrect the days when your life was yours
To cherish in the corner of your room
With no spies or secret agents
Lurking in the open dark
Shying away from knowledge
To steal upon you like a thief?

Shall we awaken the night
When your dinner was yours to enjoy
Without prying eyes
Poisoning the meal with their sight
Corrupting the sweet savour
And surrendering it as stale?

Shall we return to the age
When your spouse was solely yours
To kiss and cuddle without an audience
Counting the day of your childbirth
From the noon of your wedding
Insisting that you must follow their prediction
Of how many seeds you must plant?

Shall we chastise the media for stealing from us
For giving the keys of our homes
To strange strangers and friends
That soon become familiar foes
That leech on us till private becomes public
And our behinds are stripped bare?


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