Let me be beautiful in heart and on hat
That men may want me not only for lust
But also for pride, adoration and live
Let me be generous in hand
That I may solve the world’s problems
And heal the hungry babe in the corner
Let me be attractive in my speech
That my words may be a healing stream
That soothe the failing spirit
Let my days be long and laughter-filled
That my smile may cheer every soul
That looks to me for hope and life
Let my cup be filled and overflowing
That opponents may desire my blessings
And learn from evil to cease
Let my table be graced with delicious dishes
That all the world may come for a feast
And drink to longevity and health
Let my womb be a fertile land
That gives life to saints and angels
Whose charm will charm all that look
Let my morning be bright and blissful
That noon may be nice enough
To bring me a night that is warm and sating.


4 thoughts on “EVERY WOMAN’S WISH

  1. It’s mature minded lines speaks that the author is character oriented and level headed.
    very great and deep centered word that “if ladies know the woman version of themselves” they would think highly of themselves

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