All About Lions Lion and Lioness in snowWould you just pause and have a reflection?
This isn’t what we bargained for
We took the oath in favour of honour
To stand for truth and never steal
But look around, we’re losing our wonder
We’re torn apart, all love is lost
Where did we miss it, where did we fall
Would you just pause and tell me now?

We climbed the hill long before the sunrise
We saw the clouds obey the call
We saw the showers cease so nicely
And noontime came without a need
We watched the rainbow carve its collar
And saw the horizon bow with grace
We have long observed norms and nature
Do we not deserve a treat?

We let needles pierce our thumb
And let ridges break our roots
Our emotions tear and stutter
With no guts or tenacity
In our spare time, we are strangers
In our best times, we are friends
Didn’t we sign for the book of abundance
To be more than friends or foes?

Would you just pause and think
Or is this just my wits
Are we crushing our pleasures
To swallow the mints
Are we questioning at all
All the tares in our fields
Would you just pause and think
Or when ever would we speak?


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