IMG_3398_filtered.jpgIt was still morning but late
And our voices were high with praise
We hailed our nation after service
With gallant hearts preparing our presence
Every lip moved with delight and pride
Glad to have served in soldiers’ boots
Our humble selves we had poured in line
Withholding nothing that appeared little
A circle have we run, selflessly and fully
Both in the sunshine and under the downpour
Days before the first April, we eagerly waited
Anticipating the seven by seven uniform
Anxious to fit into the cross and sacrifice lane
We took on the Man-O-War paths
Training our souls to be warriors.

Our long-awaited diligence met its match
Pairing us with crystal-like employers
Some soiled our skins and feet
But many adorned us with wisdom and wealth
Our pens became Shakespeare’s of the Century
And our wit tried to become as Solomon’s.

We soon learnt the arguments of philosophers
Bending only to the needs of hungry children
Midnight chaos never crushed or crumbled us
Highway thieves never hacked our beds
Kings made us entrepreneurs and bosses
Queens beautified us into daughters and princesses
Children adored our fortune and demeanour
And longed with desire to wear our shoes
The sky never rained stones on our heads
Neither did the sun scorch our sanity.

The thousands in nearly twenty places melted
They waxed too quickly at the clock of a fortnight
Our dishes were not always beef and cheese
Our rooms were never forever lit with light
Laughter was continually the ringing tune
Sailing through our walls to heal our spirits
Coincidences never shattered our hopes and aims
Tornadoes never uprooted our little belongings
The beauty of the year was edged in friendship
Like with a new dress, we knitted our courtesies
We never feared our frailty or insufficiencies
Moments were draped with needles and wool
And as we counted moons and months
We fortified ourselves with skills and tricks
Talents then multipled double times over
We soon neared the final days of being compatriots
Approaching the sea where hands wave goodbye
Our bags packed themselves, highly elated
It was to be the first mark of April
Tell me, who sought to be left behind?

With hungry emotions and faithful joy
We donned the crested vests with elegance
Entered the jungle boots with caressing courage
Laced our boots and strapped our belts
Filled the jackets and wiggled our heads into our caps
As we sang the final anthem
The line made fresh sense
‘Under the sun or in the rain
With dedication and selflessness
Nigeria is ours; Nigeria we serve’
And indeed, Nigeria we have served.



  1. This is an outstanding piece to end the clarion call. Your Oratory/ writing prowess knows no bound. Nice development and more power to your elbow.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. U gat my thumb 👍 dear. Glad to know u, a born writer with class. I don’t rush over ur pieces, I usually take my time to read every of it. Kip it up .


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