Some say harsh weathers murder love
They pierce it with their fangs
Drain from it all attempts at life
And surrender its arrow to rot and decay.

Some say love never fades
That it’s patience and endurance engraved
Withstanding every threat of disappearance
Amidst the echoing trigger of negativity.

But did the scientists not teach disuse
Expressing their jargon about giving everything
And leaving some elements untouched or calm
Did they not describe the abandoned in ‘disuse’?

For the roses you once plucked
But now think matter no longer
For the chocolates you once sprayed as sweetness
And no longer care to check at the store

For all the parks and gardens once visited
Which have ceased now to amaze your feet
For every music you loved and played
And have now put on hold for silence
Remember in the depth of your spirit
That you are blindly losing a heart.

Winning one battle never means the war is over
Wooing and falling does not close love’s chapter
For with roses a man charms a woman
And with daises he keeps her forever enchanted.



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