Dig Deeper_ Kneeling

My transgressions stand before me
Guilty before your presence of wrath
They scream my name silently
Reminding me of my own yelling
You never forgive them their errors
Trespasses and iniquities
Ever raging for hell and its demons
They stare at fire unbridled
Do not give us bread today
For it may be death in disguise
However we plead mercy undeserved
Since our feet are keen to stray
Pardon our recklessness and folly
We remain children without memory
Quick to play in the mud and dirt
And often too swallowed by filth
Unconsciously we turn to the left
Forgetting the path that leads to life
We soon forsake our pure purpose
And delve into the depth of denial
We yell even in our gentle voices
Unaware that our words slay many
Tearing through hearts and skins
And ruining laughter and love
In our careless chase for honour
We fall short of your pleasure
Sounding too loud for your space
I remember kneeling at your waist
Imagining you had the case of a cross
Looking through your sight
For signs of softness or sympathy
But it was all a mirage
A mindless design for absence
An impeccable drawing of fate
That consistently tosses me about
Without atoning for my sins
Or even daring to spill blood.


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