Your story is like one never before heard
It gives all ears a tingling feel
Your beauty makes the world happy
Knowing that somehow this is heaven on earth
When you find that one that is ‘made for you’
You finally conquer the monitors
When you take the step
To make the queen the first
The blue skies smile at you gladly
The love you share is like a stream
That flows forever, bringing peace
It crushes fear, detests pretense
It grows in May and sips the rain
It breaks down doubt’s glorious hill
Looking beyond the blinding gaze
Or deafening sounds that speak uncouth
Ever present to provoke lies
Your love has touched the hardest hearts
It’s breaking wild walls
And making babes cheers with hope
Your quiet peace and loudest ease
Has set a tune off to the moon
What was movie has come as truth
To stay and set our hearts ablaze
Bringing up warmth, quenching the drought
That tells onlookers what to predict
‘The Wedding Party’ is leaving the theatre
With heightened glamour and greater humour
Your courageous moves and soothing outlook
Has made the stage for many in faith
That love can be found even in just art
Or maybe concealed till it’s time for heat
So with all delight, I gladly ignite
The flames of the fire that bore this prediction
That the king of love ‘Banky W’
Has found his long missing rib
And from this day claims her his queen
Her Royal Majesty, Mrs Adesua ‘W’.



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