Even before our eyes blink, we are awake
As last night, we surrendered to the dark with open eyes
At the fourth hour of the day, we jump from our beds
Like leopards eager to leap
We wipe away the sticky saliva glued to our lower lip
The remnant of the barely sufficient hibernation
Like a dog in want of a mate we pace swiftly
Enclosing our frames in a bath so hasty
Like thieves evading suspicion we depart
Leaving even before our suckling babes awake
We discard them lovingly into the maid’s arm
Or into the embrace of the teenage relation
Like pegs in hell, our toes boil from nine to five
Hurrying to meet targets and deadlines
Our tongues scarcely find a soda
Neither do our bellies receive burgers
We drag our behinds fatigued and weary
Back to our most wanted beloved
Drowsy and sloppy, we kiss our already sleeping babes
Days become months and years
And this is all we pursue
We chase the wind and walk on seas
Despite all we pursue
We crawl carelessly behind our families.


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