No Changes Unsaved

Twitter6759074 I never stopped blogging

I only stopped speaking

So loudly.

The wind caught me off guard

And kept me thinking so hard

So quietly.

Many waters poured to flow

Wild thunders roared to blow

So gently.

The muse was never a sham

It was always as soothing as calm

So lovely.

In the face of lightning bolts

And big doors without holds

So dreary.

Waking up ever on motion

Settling for peace amid confusion

So quickly.

I learnt to blog in my head

Making all thoughts best friends

So deeply.

Longing for the serene silence

Of the new year’s near presence

So closely.

I never stopped blogging

My ink only went into hiding

So gladly.


2 thoughts on “No Changes Unsaved

  1. You lost touch my dear writer or my touch lost you, preferably so.
    The inspiration sapped out like heat from the stove dried up the water in the pot, quickly so.
    The thin whiskers must have disfigured us or we the thin whiskers, entirely and eventually so.
    We voiced out and that your style is missed, and unique so.

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