February 2018

If you Ever Forget

Life’s private cracks are great at breaking in

Leaving your lips torn, worn, and sour

You see through the mirror but see nothing

Only recounting the spilt milk and spiceless sauce

As if the ignorant storm was never enough

A raging blindness comes to erase all memories

Those moments of good, goodwill, and goodtidings

The slow days of delight, dance, and distinction

And aloud, you soon ask “who am I really?”

At the boundless brink of Forget Me Not

Or is it Never Remember?

While you sit in that proud people’s park

Recovering from amnesia or reminiscence

If you ever forget what this fiction is about

Shut those pretty eyes passionately

As you stare as the passing wings

And feel the sunshine on your heartbeat

Saying “never relinquish your right to rise.”


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