February 2018

Teach Us Our Tongue

Teach us to reach deep inside for our freshness

Even when vegetable dreams wilt and turn yellow

Teach us to weed, dig, and cultivate amidst the flood

Despite how often the waters become earthquakes

Teach us to count the strands of our young, gray hair

Irrespective of how unkempt those bushes soon become

Teach us to walk in the valley of death’s cold shadow

When the whispering of night tears our ears apart

Teach us to remember our names, ideas, and hopes

No matter how often pirates go behind the copyright laws.

Teach us to conquer our hungering, swelling lust

Even if we aspire to pluck our eyes and twist our tongue

Teach us to fight in the face of the sinking storm

That quickly causes our infant ships to capsize shamelessly

Teach us to trust that little cat that sways innocently before our eyes

As it is never our lot to be sadistic streams of distrust

Teach us to climb the ladders and defy the snakes

Since they can only hiss, and dance, and spray venom

Teach us to speak our tongue on the day of war

As in that lies our pure past, polluted present, and fairy future.

©arrowbird (+La Core)


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