About Arrowbird

Many people want to touch lives and change the world. Some just want to have fun and leave things the way they are. A few are silently observing those who speak the truth in love. But everyone cares if nobody does nothing. Who are you? Which of these define you? Are you trying to find yourself?

I’ve tried to answer the same questions. Can I change the world? Should I just love life the way it is? Does anyone care about the truth? Are we not all acting in this drama called ‘life?’

Arrowbird is a young woman who loves art and loves to fly like a bird all over the world. With her words, she pierces hearts like an arrow. She arouses feelings that know no bounds and raises questions that leave you thinking. She marries words to themselves until they live happily ever after.

Since June 29, I’ve posted my poems here. A year is gone already. Have you found love? Have you forgiven? Has your heart healed? What is your miracle? Together, we can live life happy, art-filled and with style. Poetry ignites fire in the soul. Where’s your fire?