When God Made You…

 If you ask the angels, even they may never know
The mystery of our perfection, the design of our souls,
If you ask our Father in heaven, he’ll show a movie
Of how he formed you years before my birth
To welcome the breath of my sweet beam
Into the warmth of endless love, grace and charm.
In your laughter, I have heard warm compassion,
In your wonder, I have seen petals of beauty
Your graceful counsel and caring generosity
Have won my heart over a million times and more.
Is it the attention, affection, appreciation?
Or the dedication, devotion, determination?
Your words are like dews of the early morn
Washing away my fears to distant lands afar
Your hugs are like kisses from the sunlight
Soothing my heart and relaxing my hopes.
When God made you, he sculpted the first loving half,
Packed with adoration for the coming infant lass.
He sew your flesh and sweetened your bloodstreams
And lit your heart aglow to touch the world around
When God made you, he saw my need for healing
From a lover who saw virtue when he looked at beauty
Who saw an angel when the scars were hovering
He gave me a man that holds my hands and keeps my heart forever.


Quietly, quietly, I hear ingenuity

I see the figures of pure price and privacy

Folks love society, yet question autonomy

How can a bird fly with wonders and cruelty?

Quietly, quietly, listen so quietly

Listen to stories so filled with nobility

No plot or melody, no theme or certainty

All I behold is old-fashioned temerity

Quietly, quietly, these lines are heartwarming

Drilling your spirit and taking adversity

Night will bring jealousy, cold generosity

Younger emotions will fade, thanks to fallacy

Are we all saddening, soaked in diversity

Waiting for sunset to state we are solidarity

When facing curiosity, coated in maturity

Be cautious to listen and feel all uncertainty

Quietly, quietly, life is no cavity

Think of the battles you’ll fight for true victory

Feel all stiff enmity, but keep prosperity

So you won’t be crushed by the saintly guilty.



placeholder-attractionsDo you ever feel the thorn of winter in summer?

Do you ever feel the cold breeze linger on your shoulder?

Do you ever understand all the mysteries of the dark?

Do you ever hear the voice that screams at your back?

Do you ever feel afraid in the midst of the crowd?

Do you ever seek a friend in the mist under ground?

Have you seen everything that is hidden from man?

Have you heard every tune in the music of the land?

Have you tried to be sane in the middle of a storm?

Have you tried any trick to redeem your soul from the worms?



I almost crashed


It was a close accident

No cars, just lives

No blood, just pangs


Something in David’s voice

The presence of courage

Some confidence

Maybe strength

It found me

Saved me

Kept me breathing

It kept me

Strong and safe

I almost lost all

But it gave me back myself

And for the love of living

I stayed



An August Leap

woman-umbrella-floating-jumping-466455As you get on the road with no clear destination

You have got to be filled with pure determination

If you shift many times make sure you never fall

There is no one so kind to see if you stand tall

When you get in the storm

Just believe you are strong

Only weaklings get caught

In the web of the nought

When the fire is burning

Keep on sailing and soaring

It may take times and seasons

But you’ll still find your healing.



Fighting with Myself

Credit: Twitter

I keep fighting with myself but I don’t know if I am winning

I keep taking baby steps although I know they’re not within

Everyday I tell that spirit that I leave it all to him

But sometimes I wonder if indeed this journey is for me

You may find me sitting lost in thoughts but that is not the end

I have taken all my troubles and I hold them in my hands

There is not a brick to break except I let them crack my back

This is not the place we started but we’ve come this far to bark

Can you see me fighting with myself

Can you hear me screaming in your ears

Are my words too silent to make a little sense

Are you listening

Are you watching

Are you just passing by?