February 2018

Known Dive into the Unknown Deep

“Sorry, you’re not a bird. Why try to fly?”

“None is made a rat. So why try to hide?”
In panics, we forget the roots of history

We imagine new identities for our journey

But time soon restricts our souls and beings

And irritated, we hide behind cold chills

To take the plunge, we fidget in fearful fright

Eager to trade our will to that playwright

The one that designs the denoument

Before the Director says “CUT, the End”
With wails and boundless bawling, we scream

“Shall we have this known dive into the unknown deep?”




Who hasn’t known sorrow or the failings of tomorrow

Who hasn’t seen sadness in all shades of white and black

Who hasn’t fought fear or the most fickle reasons

If you stand strong even in the sunset, I adore your pluck.



Our folks suffer on the journey to fulfillment

The nonchalant rulers remain tyrants still

They toss them to and fro like a ball on a field

They ignore the sand grains falling in the hourglass

With voices screaming, shouting and sullen

Our people try to find salve for their swollen sores.


But in the end, the sheep is just like the wolf

Scaring the defenseless to flight

Stealing our days and nights

And leaving us doubtful that we made a right choice.



Often too quickly the new becomes old
A beautiful story is no longer told
The crawling toddler is now a limping aged
The sunrise has soon returned to bed.
By days or moments, we stay locked out
Shielded by something raw and round.

Like a tyrant wielding a rod
Ready to whip one that runs
These rules bend us, break us, belittle us
They tell us the things we can’t want
They remind us of our disabilities
As if humanity shares not one disease.

They are codes, invisible symbols
Crafted into people standing by walls
Staring at you with the corner of their eyes
Ready to drill you till you pay the price
We soon cower under their gaze
Too frightened to try to win the race
So we accept in simple resignation
Our million doses of painful portion.



Twitter9b9c4d1There’s forever that creeping fear
That takes you on a stroll
To give you a dozen reasons
Why you cannot have a voice
Why you cannot have a dream
Why you cannot fight to win
Or even have a miracle.

It yells so loudly in your head
Telling you why you are only a babe
Who deserves no fortune or glory
Who should never walk the path
That ancient adults trod.

It tells you to call your visions lies
To cast your plans to the pigs
To live the day like it owns you
To drink from its jar of anxiety
Since it from you has drained all courage.

But ask me if this fear frightens me
Ask if he makes me shiver
Ask if he makes me nervous
Ask if I’m living in faith
Or dying under the fury of fearful fate.



I heard that you found a way
To get a rusty escape
I heard that you moved away
To hide from the wild fame
I heard that you were afraid
To even pronounce your name
I heard you gave up early
Because you had no money
I heard you took a knife
And tried to take your life
I heard you heard my voice
And tried to avoid my words.



Mother Daughter Poems.jpgAt every corner, there is a mother
Who sends her daughter, on that one errand
To drop that letter inside the water
Hoping a strange will grace their dinner
Amd make them better than does their filter.

She’s seen a doctor, more times than numbers
Can ever letter or dare to wander
She knows she’s dying but seeks saving
If only someone would kindly wonder
What lies the meaning in living forever.



Twitter58af25d.jpgSafety beguiles us to love caution
Oozing it out in volumes and doses
Where caution is that ruthless thief
Who robs us of every adventure
To escape into the woods and laugh
And build amnesia to all worries.

Fear creeps like a cat into our darkness
And battles with confidence and guts
That our love soon has no audacity
To face a new path with tenacity
Until the land sips us again one by one
And reminds us how we all long erred
Treading the same porous path
Ever willing to jettison a new escapade.