pexels-photo-196667How do you celebrate life

And mourn death at the same time?


How do you rejoice for a new day

When a loved one goes away?


How do you tell an infant

That he no longer has a mother?


How do you keep loving

When your heart feels so empty?


How do you answer these endless questions

When your mind is stuck in confusion?




Life happens when we stop being afraid to stare our fears in the face

Life happens when we cease trying to answer rhetorical questions

Life happens when we just sink in the wind and fly nonetheless

Life happens when we let love lead and follow faithfully

Life happens when we forget to wear masks to hide our hurts

Life happens when we take each day like a path of grace

Life happens when we suspend all doubts that wear us out

Life happens when we cry even under the rumbling rain

Life happens when we keep our promises not because of gain

Life happens when we decide to win amidst the oddest odds

Life happens when we laugh even if no one understands the mirth

Life happens when we kiss a new moment goodbye with no qualms at heart.



girl in red dress standing on high mountain and looking at the sea.jpgFolks say you just know when it’s time
But that now is a ruthless rhyme
Friends chatter about highway tunes
But you just know that’s not for you
You look through your camera
And wish you had no criteria.

You gaze at the impending valley
From your far view on the mountain
Is this the enchantment that stays
Or the spell that fails only to fade?
Is this the bow that always binds
Or the bond that may never be tight?

Atop old thoughts are misconceptions
Fragments of believe and questions
Pieces of numerous nothings
With the euphoria of new things
Soon troubling the firm fittings
Of past trust and zero misgivings.