You keep fighting as if you’ve got strength

You refuse to admit your weakness

People see your flaws flowing

They think you’re failing.


But I defend you with my many words

Hoping to clear shame from your world

Stop hiding behind the curtains

Come with your stains and stench.


Life still has more stars and moons

Night won’t crush you unless you brood

Watch me take your hand

Let them know I’m your friend.



In search of symbiosis
I have crushed walls and built bridges
I have surfed seas and sailed ships
I have relaxed rules and paved paths.

In search of symbiosis
I have shattered my shell
I have crumbled my creation
I have listened to long tales.

In want of love and friendship
I have put my pride on mute mode
I have sought souls and found foes
I have illustrated my new illusion.

But I learnt friendship is a fire
That burns with fuel for few seconds
Until the flames fade fortunately
To leave only traces of trust.

And love in all its beauty
Is a mystery magician
That deludes you with all diligence
Until your sanity sails into space.



Description Mecom fountain at night.jpgLike the ripples of a sea
I see our lives display artworks
Flowing before our eyes like a fountain
That knows not its destination
Save for the midnight blues
That set the rhythm of peace
And sweet silence on this night.

We each are strings of an instrument
Chords on the piano
Taken as accompaniments
That make life’s music memorable
We are tunes in the player
Selected to top the best playlists
That define all human want for warmth.



Quotes About Witches On Brooms_ QuotesGram.jpgThey are nurses that tend sorrows like wounds
Eager to find your bleeding spot
Where your flesh is torn and sour
And your life needs oxygen
A spell has them luring you
To their dens to empty your cares
In their health kit are wools
Methylated spirit and balm
They hope to wipe your wounds
And sew your scar with their needle
They tend your sorrows
Attempt to erase the marks
They try to paint them white
But their intentions are defiled
They fly out of your door on their brooms
And smile in mischief to themselves
They knock on the next door
And in infant seconds
They broadcast your injuries
That all the world may hear and know
That you are scarred
And scarred on face and heart.



Tiny Buddha_ Wisdom Quotes, Letting Go, Letting Happiness In.jpgIgnorance is not your Lucifer
But you claim you live in Eden
You forget that there’s a light
Which only the blind see
A melody that only the deaf hear
A meaning which only the dumb speak
Are you wary of the mountain
That stands behind your room
That you call it a monster
Eager to leap and pounce at you.

Why do your feelings betray you
And make you the Judas of your soul
Must your lips conjure absurd magic
And practice sorcery for deceit
Can you give wisdom to your mind
To cease to believe falsehood
Or even concoct the unreal
Sufficiency robs you of reliance
And you shoot yourself erroneously.



DSC_0260 (2).JPGAsking was to hear what Father says
About all the longings in my heart
And so I asked for a man like you
And he gave me much more than I sought.

I asked for sweetness; he gave me a cake of many distinct flavours
I asked for peace; he gave me riches vested with rest
I asked for friendship; he gave me laughter coated in loyalty
I asked for motivation; he gave me a clock that always ticks
I asked for healing; he gave me a heart that beats for mine
I asked for hope; he gave me a river that always flows
I asked for kindness; he gave me a mansion of compassion
I asked for bravery; he gave me the courage of angels
I asked for guidance; he gave me a room handsomely lit up
I asked for a man after his heart; he gave me another David
I asked for honour; he gave me the glory of the industrious woman
I asked for discernment; he gave me the presence in my spirit
I asked for understanding; he gave me the voice of reason
I asked for passion; he gave me a man with direction
I asked for respect; he gave me elegance in word and deed
I asked for love, and he gave me a night filled with stars.

You’ve been everything and more
That I requested as I grew up
As you grow older to stay younger
May our stars smile bigger and brighter.

Happy birthday, Tai Nee’s Wolverine!