colorful-1325264_1280Even if you don’t understand my footsteps

Adore the way my body sways

Even if you cannot see my perfection

Remember I started this journey, naive

I have walked the narrow road

And fought with iron rods

I have climbed mango trees to hide

Waiting in silence for my attackers

I have trampled on fear and regret

And given birth to the end of worry

Your visions may not shown you my mission

But I have not earned this title by mistake.


Why do you look at me with questions

As if you can repair my painting

Why do you call my art a child

As if you were there when it was born

I have learned the signs of the ink holders

Those who drape words with mirth and wisdom

I have met heroines of good fortune

Who never let depression impress their spirits

I am dancing in the rain of these days

Though always believing that the sun shall shine

I am becoming a paragon of sophistication

Even if you first met me in naivety’s mansion.



IMG-20170120-WA0007.jpgThe walls of my room speak aloud
Their voice is gentle and mild
Sending in wishes of the last night
When they shall see this second double.

They remind me of the travels
And rides through light and night
They remind me of the whispers
That were too silent to be murmurs
They remind of the tears
That fought battles words lost
They remind me of the laughter
That films and books brought
They remind me of those family times
And homecoming with friends.

This night, their hands wave goodbye
For this is the arch where the second
Bends in humility for the third
For everyone must wave yesterday goodbye
And receive tomorrow
With a gleeful heart about today.