February 2018

Teach Us Our Tongue

Teach us to reach deep inside for our freshness

Even when vegetable dreams wilt and turn yellow

Teach us to weed, dig, and cultivate amidst the flood

Despite how often the waters become earthquakes

Teach us to count the strands of our young, gray hair

Irrespective of how unkempt those bushes soon become

Teach us to walk in the valley of death’s cold shadow

When the whispering of night tears our ears apart

Teach us to remember our names, ideas, and hopes

No matter how often pirates go behind the copyright laws.

Teach us to conquer our hungering, swelling lust

Even if we aspire to pluck our eyes and twist our tongue

Teach us to fight in the face of the sinking storm

That quickly causes our infant ships to capsize shamelessly

Teach us to trust that little cat that sways innocently before our eyes

As it is never our lot to be sadistic streams of distrust

Teach us to climb the ladders and defy the snakes

Since they can only hiss, and dance, and spray venom

Teach us to speak our tongue on the day of war

As in that lies our pure past, polluted present, and fairy future.

©arrowbird (+La Core)

February 2018

Let’s Skip the Operation

Jamming doors, Steps skipping

Scampering to find a miracle

Speed walking, slow dancing

Will this babe make it through?

Nude needles pinch their ugly way through

Fiercely tearing down flesh and water

Shall we save this life by piercings so true

To wake the pulse of the heart that falters?

Lights, busy bright lights, all so loudly confused

Undecided about safe survival or witless withdrawal

Windows – opening, closing, staring – shoot!

Perhaps some sunshine will mend the mortal.

Some near loss, very close to departure

“Skip the operation,” they whisper

Turn the clock for the caricature

“We lost this one,” there won’t be a later.

February 2018

Trading Today

How many are the roads we must travel on?
How long is the distance our feet must tread?

Will this journey last for all eternity?

Shall our hearts know no sweet pity?

Shall recompense be too far from sight?

Must we trade today while saying “goodnight”?
Perhaps, we see nothing of our old grown folds

And we hear nothing of forsaken melodies

Maybe tomorrow will never find itself

Or it waits on us to find ourselves

Whatever the case, tomorrow is lost in the stars

May you find yourself when the skies seem so dark.

February 2018

If you Ever Forget

Life’s private cracks are great at breaking in

Leaving your lips torn, worn, and sour

You see through the mirror but see nothing

Only recounting the spilt milk and spiceless sauce

As if the ignorant storm was never enough

A raging blindness comes to erase all memories

Those moments of good, goodwill, and goodtidings

The slow days of delight, dance, and distinction

And aloud, you soon ask “who am I really?”

At the boundless brink of Forget Me Not

Or is it Never Remember?

While you sit in that proud people’s park

Recovering from amnesia or reminiscence

If you ever forget what this fiction is about

Shut those pretty eyes passionately

As you stare as the passing wings

And feel the sunshine on your heartbeat

Saying “never relinquish your right to rise.”



I almost crashed


It was a close accident

No cars, just lives

No blood, just pangs


Something in David’s voice

The presence of courage

Some confidence

Maybe strength

It found me

Saved me

Kept me breathing

It kept me

Strong and safe

I almost lost all

But it gave me back myself

And for the love of living

I stayed



Fighting with Myself

Credit: Twitter

I keep fighting with myself but I don’t know if I am winning

I keep taking baby steps although I know they’re not within

Everyday I tell that spirit that I leave it all to him

But sometimes I wonder if indeed this journey is for me

You may find me sitting lost in thoughts but that is not the end

I have taken all my troubles and I hold them in my hands

There is not a brick to break except I let them crack my back

This is not the place we started but we’ve come this far to bark

Can you see me fighting with myself

Can you hear me screaming in your ears

Are my words too silent to make a little sense

Are you listening

Are you watching

Are you just passing by?