IMG_20170717_073100We move in the middle, not confident

Wondering when life will begin

As if today was not yesterday’s future

We keep waiting and watching

Hoping for a tomorrow that’s unheard of

And looking for meaning in nothing.


Are we not lost and found

Trying to get through the storms

That once drowned us mercilessly

Are we not lost and found

Hiding from our faulty fast lanes

And working around the clock?


There’s something nobody talks about

That one topic that’s not a secret

But it’s too real to be spoken of

And so we act like all is figured out

We think of ourselves as friends

But in truth, we’ve never met.



Runaway_ _ Zazazu.jpgSave me from doubt and distrust
Send me away, far from this thirst
I see so much hunger in million eyes
And even blood is never enough
Shall I run in the crowd
Jump the hurdles and just pass
Shall I lose all the thoughts
And the memories that frighten
Shall I hide all anxiety
And cease feigning to be fine
Make me lost in this Marathon
Wake me up when the race is a farce.