February 2018

Trading Today

How many are the roads we must travel on?
How long is the distance our feet must tread?

Will this journey last for all eternity?

Shall our hearts know no sweet pity?

Shall recompense be too far from sight?

Must we trade today while saying “goodnight”?
Perhaps, we see nothing of our old grown folds

And we hear nothing of forsaken melodies

Maybe tomorrow will never find itself

Or it waits on us to find ourselves

Whatever the case, tomorrow is lost in the stars

May you find yourself when the skies seem so dark.

February 2018

If you Ever Forget

Life’s private cracks are great at breaking in

Leaving your lips torn, worn, and sour

You see through the mirror but see nothing

Only recounting the spilt milk and spiceless sauce

As if the ignorant storm was never enough

A raging blindness comes to erase all memories

Those moments of good, goodwill, and goodtidings

The slow days of delight, dance, and distinction

And aloud, you soon ask “who am I really?”

At the boundless brink of Forget Me Not

Or is it Never Remember?

While you sit in that proud people’s park

Recovering from amnesia or reminiscence

If you ever forget what this fiction is about

Shut those pretty eyes passionately

As you stare as the passing wings

And feel the sunshine on your heartbeat

Saying “never relinquish your right to rise.”


When God Made You…

 If you ask the angels, even they may never know
The mystery of our perfection, the design of our souls,
If you ask our Father in heaven, he’ll show a movie
Of how he formed you years before my birth
To welcome the breath of my sweet beam
Into the warmth of endless love, grace and charm.
In your laughter, I have heard warm compassion,
In your wonder, I have seen petals of beauty
Your graceful counsel and caring generosity
Have won my heart over a million times and more.
Is it the attention, affection, appreciation?
Or the dedication, devotion, determination?
Your words are like dews of the early morn
Washing away my fears to distant lands afar
Your hugs are like kisses from the sunlight
Soothing my heart and relaxing my hopes.
When God made you, he sculpted the first loving half,
Packed with adoration for the coming infant lass.
He sew your flesh and sweetened your bloodstreams
And lit your heart aglow to touch the world around
When God made you, he saw my need for healing
From a lover who saw virtue when he looked at beauty
Who saw an angel when the scars were hovering
He gave me a man that holds my hands and keeps my heart forever.


I almost crashed


It was a close accident

No cars, just lives

No blood, just pangs


Something in David’s voice

The presence of courage

Some confidence

Maybe strength

It found me

Saved me

Kept me breathing

It kept me

Strong and safe

I almost lost all

But it gave me back myself

And for the love of living

I stayed



Remnant of Love

pexels-photo-320266Someday, the flowers will wither

They’ll lose their colour and charm

They’ll close their eyes in defeat

And mourn the dearth of affection

Someday, every grain of happiness will disappear

There’ll be nothing left to cheer about

Future wishes and hope will fall asleep

And nothing will remain of good spirit

Someday, the door will stop being wide open

The wind and cold chill will shut it out

They’ll force it to cease being ajar

And there’ll no longer be entry

Someday, apologies will win no victories

Sincerity will be deceit in disguise

Truth will lose all value and price

And good intentions will be misconstrued

Someday, the eager bride will change her mind

She’ll choose instead to travel alone

She’ll turn away to tour the world

And leave behind all dreams of motherhood

Someday, there’ll be no remnant of love

There’ll be no sweet kisses or cuddling

There’ll be no playing under the sheets

There’ll be just a book, paper and pen.






Your body has set its own alarm

No longer in need of the clock on the wall

Your mind has drafted its own courses

Sharply discarding your to-do list

Withered seconds scream your name silently

Too selfish to let themselves go by untouched

Your feet hurry like the wind, not pausing one moment

To smile at the leaves and trees

Or enjoy the sensual healing of seas.


Can you take a day away

To rest at ease and save your face

Can you kindly forget your name

And your friends all around earth’s space

Can you perform like a mannequin

Without thought of timing anything

Can you take it slow like the snail

Since life loves the liver of it.




Life happens when we stop being afraid to stare our fears in the face

Life happens when we cease trying to answer rhetorical questions

Life happens when we just sink in the wind and fly nonetheless

Life happens when we let love lead and follow faithfully

Life happens when we forget to wear masks to hide our hurts

Life happens when we take each day like a path of grace

Life happens when we suspend all doubts that wear us out

Life happens when we cry even under the rumbling rain

Life happens when we keep our promises not because of gain

Life happens when we decide to win amidst the oddest odds

Life happens when we laugh even if no one understands the mirth

Life happens when we kiss a new moment goodbye with no qualms at heart.