Like strange appearances
They stand at your entrance
Waiting in eager anticipation
Willing to bestow a solution
Dawn woke you to crack the nuts
Dusk left you hitting your head
But like a gentle touch in sharp cold
The door receives a knock
And your heart ignites with shock.

What happened to joy and merriment
And the three wishes of love, life and laughter
What happened to justice
And the carefree systems of order
Yet like infant babes naive of danger
We welcome the warm winter
Uncertain of the hovering outcome
Of an angel’s arrival at the dark hour
But thankful for the timely truce.



We spin and spin till we lose our fill
The skies decide to bestow the rains
Though questions tagged to yesterday
Don’t always have the best of says
The shadows over the little house
Soon shuts out all illusion of light
And mindlessly we faint at ease
Forgetting pleasure heals
Take out today and mix it with purity
Laughter unhindered, love undefined
Take out today to heal your soul
From every bitter disappointment
Is today not better than a future in design?
Can you decide tomorrow and give it wings
To take you on the flight to ever-land
And abandon every vain thing
There’s more to hear than baseless melody
For if today is stolen, how rich will you be?



Flamenco Woman fine art Contemporary Modern oil painting.jpg

When I look at days gone far behind
I want to say
I am grateful for placing my pen on paper
This art is my heart
It has brought me endless inspiration
What’s not a muse
I have stretched my mind to paint images
Crazy at times.

If I never touched that feather
Into the ink
If I never took that bold step
Six months behind
I would never know how much you’re waiting
To hear my voice
I would never know how much you’re listening
To all my sounds.