Your body has set its own alarm

No longer in need of the clock on the wall

Your mind has drafted its own courses

Sharply discarding your to-do list

Withered seconds scream your name silently

Too selfish to let themselves go by untouched

Your feet hurry like the wind, not pausing one moment

To smile at the leaves and trees

Or enjoy the sensual healing of seas.


Can you take a day away

To rest at ease and save your face

Can you kindly forget your name

And your friends all around earth’s space

Can you perform like a mannequin

Without thought of timing anything

Can you take it slow like the snail

Since life loves the liver of it.



Lace gowns, Rain and Indian on Pinterest.jpgIt may be on a cold night
When all the stars hug the moon for warmth
It may be on the sailing ship
When a storm undermines the sea
It may be on a Christmas morning
When many chickens have become martyrs.

Whenever the sun shines after the rain
Wherever the breeze blows, to right or left
Never tread on the ground like a giant
Carry your weight like a fragile baby
When luck smiles on you
Treat your victory like a newborn
Move like a queen but with a ghost’s grace
Move like the wind, and never be predictable.



I heard that you found a way
To get a rusty escape
I heard that you moved away
To hide from the wild fame
I heard that you were afraid
To even pronounce your name
I heard you gave up early
Because you had no money
I heard you took a knife
And tried to take your life
I heard you heard my voice
And tried to avoid my words.



Runaway_ _ Zazazu.jpgSave me from doubt and distrust
Send me away, far from this thirst
I see so much hunger in million eyes
And even blood is never enough
Shall I run in the crowd
Jump the hurdles and just pass
Shall I lose all the thoughts
And the memories that frighten
Shall I hide all anxiety
And cease feigning to be fine
Make me lost in this Marathon
Wake me up when the race is a farce.