How tender are your fingertips when they hold the pen?

How tender are your scribbled words when you ‘re not there to speak?

How tender are your endless thoughts when your mind plays the trick?

How tender are you when the wind disturbs your peace?



Description Mecom fountain at night.jpgLike the ripples of a sea
I see our lives display artworks
Flowing before our eyes like a fountain
That knows not its destination
Save for the midnight blues
That set the rhythm of peace
And sweet silence on this night.

We each are strings of an instrument
Chords on the piano
Taken as accompaniments
That make life’s music memorable
We are tunes in the player
Selected to top the best playlists
That define all human want for warmth.



Spring Cleaning Your Curtains, Drapes, and Blinds _ Princeton Capital ___ (2).jpgOpen your mind, do not be blind
There is so much to withstand
Stand by the door, expect the knock
Someone is coming with pure luck
Not every hustle is aimless
Not every strife is foolishness
Sometimes the light needs to go dim
For us to find the path within.

Get out of bed, get on ahead
You have been chosen as the head
Betray the shame, recall your name
Who never looks out once for fame?
Why kick the bucket in your youth
Why get so tipsy, high and full
Not every closed eye is asleep
Not every silence ruins peace.