Twitter80fad54As this May fades, I still see traces of my previous dreams

Upon this bed, I listen loud for questions writing wills

Have I been sour, upsetting all that tread upon my path?

Have I been kind, a sparkling light that brightens every heart?

Is this how youth goes away

When there’s still so much to say?

Is this how night turns to day

With too little time to pray?

Does my mind only conjure

All the best thoughts I can draw?

Does my spirit stay ashamed

Of the purpose yet achieved?

As May fades away, I see traces of hope

As I tick this day as gone, I still await a show

Maybe May was a stage sent to test my living skills

May May leave me good traces of these daring drills.



In anguish, we watch the weary grow weaker
We act concerned, but stay aloof
Frightened that our help may bring hell
Or that their curse may stain us
These children of humanity walk our roads
Seeking shelter and relief from the rain
The one that denies us harvest
Clearing off all the farm yield and grain
But shall nonchalance forever grace our faces
While we detonate their pieces
As if they are bombs without need of mercy
Or wanton frames hiding from survival.




Amidst the harshness of the economy

And the endless plight of the needy

There’s a desperate self-investment

Leaving millions in a cantonment

Lips quiver in unbecoming wailing

Eyes glitter with tears ever filling

Joints and frames lack the grace of life

Or the gaits of satisfied men in time

Doors stay shut, hiding from the single

Ignoring the panic of the unforeseen

Pretending to care about plenty things

All in the name of reckless ambitions

So the lacking become the wanton

And the sated lack knowledge of hospitality.




Even before our eyes blink, we are awake
As last night, we surrendered to the dark with open eyes
At the fourth hour of the day, we jump from our beds
Like leopards eager to leap
We wipe away the sticky saliva glued to our lower lip
The remnant of the barely sufficient hibernation
Like a dog in want of a mate we pace swiftly
Enclosing our frames in a bath so hasty
Like thieves evading suspicion we depart
Leaving even before our suckling babes awake
We discard them lovingly into the maid’s arm
Or into the embrace of the teenage relation
Like pegs in hell, our toes boil from nine to five
Hurrying to meet targets and deadlines
Our tongues scarcely find a soda
Neither do our bellies receive burgers
We drag our behinds fatigued and weary
Back to our most wanted beloved
Drowsy and sloppy, we kiss our already sleeping babes
Days become months and years
And this is all we pursue
We chase the wind and walk on seas
Despite all we pursue
We crawl carelessly behind our families.



The rainbows on my sleeve are fading
I don’t know when next we’ll be meeting
But one thing I am sure of
Is that all things come from above
And not one storm can bring my house down
Cause I have pillars standing around.

There’s a pathway for beginners
It’s cut out just for starters
Like little birds learning to fly
Or a new baby with a cry
There’s a module for achievers
Who won’t falter or feel shivers
Though the cold be harsh and freezing
They would race the storm so willing
With all our humanity, we take slow steps to lead
Hoping to one day drop the name ‘apprentice’.



Dig Deeper_ Kneeling

My transgressions stand before me
Guilty before your presence of wrath
They scream my name silently
Reminding me of my own yelling
You never forgive them their errors
Trespasses and iniquities
Ever raging for hell and its demons
They stare at fire unbridled
Do not give us bread today
For it may be death in disguise
However we plead mercy undeserved
Since our feet are keen to stray
Pardon our recklessness and folly
We remain children without memory
Quick to play in the mud and dirt
And often too swallowed by filth
Unconsciously we turn to the left
Forgetting the path that leads to life
We soon forsake our pure purpose
And delve into the depth of denial
We yell even in our gentle voices
Unaware that our words slay many
Tearing through hearts and skins
And ruining laughter and love
In our careless chase for honour
We fall short of your pleasure
Sounding too loud for your space
I remember kneeling at your waist
Imagining you had the case of a cross
Looking through your sight
For signs of softness or sympathy
But it was all a mirage
A mindless design for absence
An impeccable drawing of fate
That consistently tosses me about
Without atoning for my sins
Or even daring to spill blood.



Some say harsh weathers murder love
They pierce it with their fangs
Drain from it all attempts at life
And surrender its arrow to rot and decay.

Some say love never fades
That it’s patience and endurance engraved
Withstanding every threat of disappearance
Amidst the echoing trigger of negativity.

But did the scientists not teach disuse
Expressing their jargon about giving everything
And leaving some elements untouched or calm
Did they not describe the abandoned in ‘disuse’?

For the roses you once plucked
But now think matter no longer
For the chocolates you once sprayed as sweetness
And no longer care to check at the store

For all the parks and gardens once visited
Which have ceased now to amaze your feet
For every music you loved and played
And have now put on hold for silence
Remember in the depth of your spirit
That you are blindly losing a heart.

Winning one battle never means the war is over
Wooing and falling does not close love’s chapter
For with roses a man charms a woman
And with daises he keeps her forever enchanted.