You keep fighting as if you’ve got strength

You refuse to admit your weakness

People see your flaws flowing

They think you’re failing.


But I defend you with my many words

Hoping to clear shame from your world

Stop hiding behind the curtains

Come with your stains and stench.


Life still has more stars and moons

Night won’t crush you unless you brood

Watch me take your hand

Let them know I’m your friend.



colorful-1325264_1280Even if you don’t understand my footsteps

Adore the way my body sways

Even if you cannot see my perfection

Remember I started this journey, naive

I have walked the narrow road

And fought with iron rods

I have climbed mango trees to hide

Waiting in silence for my attackers

I have trampled on fear and regret

And given birth to the end of worry

Your visions may not shown you my mission

But I have not earned this title by mistake.


Why do you look at me with questions

As if you can repair my painting

Why do you call my art a child

As if you were there when it was born

I have learned the signs of the ink holders

Those who drape words with mirth and wisdom

I have met heroines of good fortune

Who never let depression impress their spirits

I am dancing in the rain of these days

Though always believing that the sun shall shine

I am becoming a paragon of sophistication

Even if you first met me in naivety’s mansion.



In your own words, you are strong
You say you have forgiven them
But from the colour of your voice
We hear bitterness make much noise.

Everyone saw them tear your life apart
Many eyes saw the breaking fight
It was a public play on the stage
Which put no ban on any age.
They tore your heart and drained its blood
And threw you carelessly into the flood
You don’t have to struggle anymore
Just wait till the clock chimes.

Their nails are selfish, fingers bloody
They see your vision ahead of you
If you can’t reach for stronger strength
They may make you bitter, bitter like them.



Pool Accidents_ 10 Shocking Swimming Pool Deaths You Might Not Know.jpgIt’s no longer news that you are new
Everyone has had their feel of you
You have coloured their skies
And painted their heights
You have nursed their wounds
And decorated their brooks
You have fought in their wars
And shielded their wards
You have buried their dead
And consoled their heads
You have opened your door
And welcomed their all
Becoming a selfless sanctity
That forgot its own humanity.

Without an angel’s wings, you fly
Were you not made of dust at first?
Without a cheetah’s limbs, you run
Were you not carved like everyone?
You forget you’re also mortal
Or are you more than natural?
Immerse yourself in your weakness
Admit to your world you’re no spirit
You are flesh and blood and feelings
Only strong for life and its minutes
You’re no sorcerer; you’re no giant
You’ve only learnt to fight and win
Immerse yourself in your reality
Or else be dazed by all humanity.



girl in red dress standing on high mountain and looking at the sea.jpgFolks say you just know when it’s time
But that now is a ruthless rhyme
Friends chatter about highway tunes
But you just know that’s not for you
You look through your camera
And wish you had no criteria.

You gaze at the impending valley
From your far view on the mountain
Is this the enchantment that stays
Or the spell that fails only to fade?
Is this the bow that always binds
Or the bond that may never be tight?

Atop old thoughts are misconceptions
Fragments of believe and questions
Pieces of numerous nothings
With the euphoria of new things
Soon troubling the firm fittings
Of past trust and zero misgivings.