Who hasn’t known sorrow or the failings of tomorrow

Who hasn’t seen sadness in all shades of white and black

Who hasn’t fought fear or the most fickle reasons

If you stand strong even in the sunset, I adore your pluck.



Our folks suffer on the journey to fulfillment

The nonchalant rulers remain tyrants still

They toss them to and fro like a ball on a field

They ignore the sand grains falling in the hourglass

With voices screaming, shouting and sullen

Our people try to find salve for their swollen sores.


But in the end, the sheep is just like the wolf

Scaring the defenseless to flight

Stealing our days and nights

And leaving us doubtful that we made a right choice.



As this day fades like dust long sprayed
As the moments of the twenty four hours complete their course
As the moon overlays the skies
And the stars appear in their graceful apparels
I think to myself of the minutes saved
The moments lost, the times poorly used
Perhaps brooding over misfortunes gone
Or wishing for future fortunes.

Many like me archived today
Storing it in a briefcase without codes
Hoping that we may repair yesterday
In our ideal sketch of the morrows to come
We keep tiny bits of our breakfast till nightfall
Often too panicked that our bowels will scream
And cry pitiably for want of satisfaction
Or dearth of seas in our intestines.

What if we became buffs of the present
Living a day at a time, one step in the line
What if we turn off yester woes and future fears
To live in the present and just dance in today.




Your body has set its own alarm

No longer in need of the clock on the wall

Your mind has drafted its own courses

Sharply discarding your to-do list

Withered seconds scream your name silently

Too selfish to let themselves go by untouched

Your feet hurry like the wind, not pausing one moment

To smile at the leaves and trees

Or enjoy the sensual healing of seas.


Can you take a day away

To rest at ease and save your face

Can you kindly forget your name

And your friends all around earth’s space

Can you perform like a mannequin

Without thought of timing anything

Can you take it slow like the snail

Since life loves the liver of it.




Life happens when we stop being afraid to stare our fears in the face

Life happens when we cease trying to answer rhetorical questions

Life happens when we just sink in the wind and fly nonetheless

Life happens when we let love lead and follow faithfully

Life happens when we forget to wear masks to hide our hurts

Life happens when we take each day like a path of grace

Life happens when we suspend all doubts that wear us out

Life happens when we cry even under the rumbling rain

Life happens when we keep our promises not because of gain

Life happens when we decide to win amidst the oddest odds

Life happens when we laugh even if no one understands the mirth

Life happens when we kiss a new moment goodbye with no qualms at heart.



Even before our eyes blink, we are awake
As last night, we surrendered to the dark with open eyes
At the fourth hour of the day, we jump from our beds
Like leopards eager to leap
We wipe away the sticky saliva glued to our lower lip
The remnant of the barely sufficient hibernation
Like a dog in want of a mate we pace swiftly
Enclosing our frames in a bath so hasty
Like thieves evading suspicion we depart
Leaving even before our suckling babes awake
We discard them lovingly into the maid’s arm
Or into the embrace of the teenage relation
Like pegs in hell, our toes boil from nine to five
Hurrying to meet targets and deadlines
Our tongues scarcely find a soda
Neither do our bellies receive burgers
We drag our behinds fatigued and weary
Back to our most wanted beloved
Drowsy and sloppy, we kiss our already sleeping babes
Days become months and years
And this is all we pursue
We chase the wind and walk on seas
Despite all we pursue
We crawl carelessly behind our families.



black-and-white-girl-writing-dream-on-wall_jpg Facebook Covers Black ___.jpgOld friend, I read your biography
Your words were succinct and real
And your inked imagery played well
Like daring dew on leaves’ end.

You talked about anxious ageing
Losing your hold on your youth
Parting too quickly and drying daily
As if there were no more life to use.

You described your betrayed bones
How they sullenly screech and fold
The way they bend without a bell
And how they many times you fell.

Your words painted your unhappiness
Careful to not be careless and faithless
For the end of the early mornings
Was only a meagre mansion in the evenings.

In your last lines you drew a circle
Though to me it was a circular cycle
Showing how you lived your little life
So breathtakingly in harmony with time.



IMG-20170120-WA0007.jpgThe walls of my room speak aloud
Their voice is gentle and mild
Sending in wishes of the last night
When they shall see this second double.

They remind me of the travels
And rides through light and night
They remind me of the whispers
That were too silent to be murmurs
They remind of the tears
That fought battles words lost
They remind me of the laughter
That films and books brought
They remind me of those family times
And homecoming with friends.

This night, their hands wave goodbye
For this is the arch where the second
Bends in humility for the third
For everyone must wave yesterday goodbye
And receive tomorrow
With a gleeful heart about today.