IMG_20170717_073100We move in the middle, not confident

Wondering when life will begin

As if today was not yesterday’s future

We keep waiting and watching

Hoping for a tomorrow that’s unheard of

And looking for meaning in nothing.


Are we not lost and found

Trying to get through the storms

That once drowned us mercilessly

Are we not lost and found

Hiding from our faulty fast lanes

And working around the clock?


There’s something nobody talks about

That one topic that’s not a secret

But it’s too real to be spoken of

And so we act like all is figured out

We think of ourselves as friends

But in truth, we’ve never met.



As this day fades like dust long sprayed
As the moments of the twenty four hours complete their course
As the moon overlays the skies
And the stars appear in their graceful apparels
I think to myself of the minutes saved
The moments lost, the times poorly used
Perhaps brooding over misfortunes gone
Or wishing for future fortunes.

Many like me archived today
Storing it in a briefcase without codes
Hoping that we may repair yesterday
In our ideal sketch of the morrows to come
We keep tiny bits of our breakfast till nightfall
Often too panicked that our bowels will scream
And cry pitiably for want of satisfaction
Or dearth of seas in our intestines.

What if we became buffs of the present
Living a day at a time, one step in the line
What if we turn off yester woes and future fears
To live in the present and just dance in today.



We spin and spin till we lose our fill
The skies decide to bestow the rains
Though questions tagged to yesterday
Don’t always have the best of says
The shadows over the little house
Soon shuts out all illusion of light
And mindlessly we faint at ease
Forgetting pleasure heals
Take out today and mix it with purity
Laughter unhindered, love undefined
Take out today to heal your soul
From every bitter disappointment
Is today not better than a future in design?
Can you decide tomorrow and give it wings
To take you on the flight to ever-land
And abandon every vain thing
There’s more to hear than baseless melody
For if today is stolen, how rich will you be?



___ the idea that people can tell by ESP when somebody is staring at them.jpgSomeday, we shall part with our friends
Those angels that helped us fly
That saved us from our ends
Which may never have been divine.

Someday, our laughter will know distance
Our voices will travel miles
Our hugs will remain imaginary
And our meetings will scarcely be live.

Someday, those sudden breakfasts will disappear
The faithful lunch will stubbornly fail
Even dinner will be a lonely dance
When double becomes single.

Someday, we will lack old confidants
In our desperation, we will seek past ears
Ancient confidences will be far and away
Leaving us to practise monologues.

Someday, a warm day will become cold
As tea for two shall become a quiet cup of water
Giggles shall be as silent as silence
And smiles shall be phonies without disguise.

In that day, we will look over our shoulders
Memories will speak in human tongues
Delight will make echoes through our minds
And our spirits shall travel to reunite.

But before then, we must cling to today
Make the first time the best time
Sing, jump and dance in joy, gay
And hold the present like it’s our last dime.