Lace gowns, Rain and Indian on Pinterest.jpgIt may be on a cold night
When all the stars hug the moon for warmth
It may be on the sailing ship
When a storm undermines the sea
It may be on a Christmas morning
When many chickens have become martyrs.

Whenever the sun shines after the rain
Wherever the breeze blows, to right or left
Never tread on the ground like a giant
Carry your weight like a fragile baby
When luck smiles on you
Treat your victory like a newborn
Move like a queen but with a ghost’s grace
Move like the wind, and never be predictable.



Description_ The Wallpaper above is Lion cub cute Wallpaper in ___.jpgI often ask the wind
Why he spends much time whistling
Disquieting the serene seasons
And throwing a storm during warmth.

I often challenge the sun
For being so bright and harsh
That in his kindness, he screams
Until all we have left is skin.

I often criticise the cold
For being so forceful in his days
That he breathes in minty air
And expels farts that trigger cough.

In the end, I am just like them
Never so gently, eager to move on
Hungry for action, never lacking passion
Even my days don’t define calm.