pexels-photo-492543She wakes early at dawn

To watch the sun come up

She passes through doors at noon

To check on the blossoming field

She stares at the horizon at dusk

To wave sunset goodbye

She beholds the stars at night

As they glitter around the moon

She finds meaning in nature

And this becomes her creation.



colorful-1325264_1280Even if you don’t understand my footsteps

Adore the way my body sways

Even if you cannot see my perfection

Remember I started this journey, naive

I have walked the narrow road

And fought with iron rods

I have climbed mango trees to hide

Waiting in silence for my attackers

I have trampled on fear and regret

And given birth to the end of worry

Your visions may not shown you my mission

But I have not earned this title by mistake.


Why do you look at me with questions

As if you can repair my painting

Why do you call my art a child

As if you were there when it was born

I have learned the signs of the ink holders

Those who drape words with mirth and wisdom

I have met heroines of good fortune

Who never let depression impress their spirits

I am dancing in the rain of these days

Though always believing that the sun shall shine

I am becoming a paragon of sophistication

Even if you first met me in naivety’s mansion.



Let me be beautiful in heart and on hat
That men may want me not only for lust
But also for pride, adoration and live
Let me be generous in hand
That I may solve the world’s problems
And heal the hungry babe in the corner
Let me be attractive in my speech
That my words may be a healing stream
That soothe the failing spirit
Let my days be long and laughter-filled
That my smile may cheer every soul
That looks to me for hope and life
Let my cup be filled and overflowing
That opponents may desire my blessings
And learn from evil to cease
Let my table be graced with delicious dishes
That all the world may come for a feast
And drink to longevity and health
Let my womb be a fertile land
That gives life to saints and angels
Whose charm will charm all that look
Let my morning be bright and blissful
That noon may be nice enough
To bring me a night that is warm and sating.



From the Arabian night, I called her near;
The sight of the sacrosanct of blissful smoulder;
It was the mattered matter and then the friendship
What it was then was the flag, the native bay;
By defines, she refines; by design she negates resigns;
On the catalogue of esteem, she’s extreme;
The behooves molds the pro at the expense of the con;
Come see what I’ve found, an ellipsis in trigonometry;
A sequin of topaz on a tapestry of jacinth and beryl;
Molds of emancipated gladness on a breather of freshness;
Young and beautiful, purport to many modesty and refined in enterprise;
The belle could never be overpriced, you can’t sum up her whole;
Gold dust of her raiment lies in the virtues she portrays;
Yet she goes like the float of gentle air on wild waters;
The biddings of earth owns a beacon from Langshire
The burden so light the mass isn’t measured by balance;
Search for all you care, look for with a diligent spirit;
Get weary in the curse that drags the seekers of vile;
This virtue of this raiment you’d never find in yokelore than of Langshire;
The necklace only always has a pendant, and a penchant;
The eirenach is here and this is how it is, keep your chin hung;
Read in between the lines, see how the expression is done;
And watch the celebration that behooves my life.

Written by Animula Vagula on my birthday, 25th January



IMG-20170120-WA0007.jpgThe walls of my room speak aloud
Their voice is gentle and mild
Sending in wishes of the last night
When they shall see this second double.

They remind me of the travels
And rides through light and night
They remind me of the whispers
That were too silent to be murmurs
They remind of the tears
That fought battles words lost
They remind me of the laughter
That films and books brought
They remind me of those family times
And homecoming with friends.

This night, their hands wave goodbye
For this is the arch where the second
Bends in humility for the third
For everyone must wave yesterday goodbye
And receive tomorrow
With a gleeful heart about today.



couple-cute-kiss-love-lovers-perfect-photographyWithout her hands, she has her hold on you
Without her words, she has you coming through
Don’t you see a woman’s wiles can woo
Can your heart not feel the strain upon its beats
Her curves and turns remind you of your flaws
And without thought, your mouth falls ajar
No luxury can buy her love
Or take her lofty place above
She’s a beauty through and through
And that’s why she’s got you.



temptation _ _husband_, a user's guide(1).jpgWho never falls into the claws of dark chocolate
Against cries for healthy health
Who never pushes the million tasks till later
Against sermons on procrastination
Who never stays in bed, dawn till dusk
Against Donne’s poetry on the brevity of time
What man never looks below that heaving cleavage
Against the saying that looking is adultery
What woman never trades her youth for luxury
Against the raging theme of ‘prime is life’
What child never curses that mean elder
Against the order that obedience is tough?

In all our toughness, we are tried
To fall below the rules and norms
To betray our spirits and the universe
Until we all are one, tempted in cold blood.