February 2018

Known Dive into the Unknown Deep

“Sorry, you’re not a bird. Why try to fly?”

“None is made a rat. So why try to hide?”
In panics, we forget the roots of history

We imagine new identities for our journey

But time soon restricts our souls and beings

And irritated, we hide behind cold chills

To take the plunge, we fidget in fearful fright

Eager to trade our will to that playwright

The one that designs the denoument

Before the Director says “CUT, the End”
With wails and boundless bawling, we scream

“Shall we have this known dive into the unknown deep?”



I almost crashed


It was a close accident

No cars, just lives

No blood, just pangs


Something in David’s voice

The presence of courage

Some confidence

Maybe strength

It found me

Saved me

Kept me breathing

It kept me

Strong and safe

I almost lost all

But it gave me back myself

And for the love of living

I stayed



An August Leap

woman-umbrella-floating-jumping-466455As you get on the road with no clear destination

You have got to be filled with pure determination

If you shift many times make sure you never fall

There is no one so kind to see if you stand tall

When you get in the storm

Just believe you are strong

Only weaklings get caught

In the web of the nought

When the fire is burning

Keep on sailing and soaring

It may take times and seasons

But you’ll still find your healing.



Fighting with Myself

Credit: Twitter

I keep fighting with myself but I don’t know if I am winning

I keep taking baby steps although I know they’re not within

Everyday I tell that spirit that I leave it all to him

But sometimes I wonder if indeed this journey is for me

You may find me sitting lost in thoughts but that is not the end

I have taken all my troubles and I hold them in my hands

There is not a brick to break except I let them crack my back

This is not the place we started but we’ve come this far to bark

Can you see me fighting with myself

Can you hear me screaming in your ears

Are my words too silent to make a little sense

Are you listening

Are you watching

Are you just passing by?



pexels-photo-492543She wakes early at dawn

To watch the sun come up

She passes through doors at noon

To check on the blossoming field

She stares at the horizon at dusk

To wave sunset goodbye

She beholds the stars at night

As they glitter around the moon

She finds meaning in nature

And this becomes her creation.


Remnant of Love

pexels-photo-320266Someday, the flowers will wither

They’ll lose their colour and charm

They’ll close their eyes in defeat

And mourn the dearth of affection

Someday, every grain of happiness will disappear

There’ll be nothing left to cheer about

Future wishes and hope will fall asleep

And nothing will remain of good spirit

Someday, the door will stop being wide open

The wind and cold chill will shut it out

They’ll force it to cease being ajar

And there’ll no longer be entry

Someday, apologies will win no victories

Sincerity will be deceit in disguise

Truth will lose all value and price

And good intentions will be misconstrued

Someday, the eager bride will change her mind

She’ll choose instead to travel alone

She’ll turn away to tour the world

And leave behind all dreams of motherhood

Someday, there’ll be no remnant of love

There’ll be no sweet kisses or cuddling

There’ll be no playing under the sheets

There’ll be just a book, paper and pen.