Twitter80fad54As this May fades, I still see traces of my previous dreams

Upon this bed, I listen loud for questions writing wills

Have I been sour, upsetting all that tread upon my path?

Have I been kind, a sparkling light that brightens every heart?

Is this how youth goes away

When there’s still so much to say?

Is this how night turns to day

With too little time to pray?

Does my mind only conjure

All the best thoughts I can draw?

Does my spirit stay ashamed

Of the purpose yet achieved?

As May fades away, I see traces of hope

As I tick this day as gone, I still await a show

Maybe May was a stage sent to test my living skills

May May leave me good traces of these daring drills.



black-and-white-girl-writing-dream-on-wall_jpg Facebook Covers Black ___.jpgOld friend, I read your biography
Your words were succinct and real
And your inked imagery played well
Like daring dew on leaves’ end.

You talked about anxious ageing
Losing your hold on your youth
Parting too quickly and drying daily
As if there were no more life to use.

You described your betrayed bones
How they sullenly screech and fold
The way they bend without a bell
And how they many times you fell.

Your words painted your unhappiness
Careful to not be careless and faithless
For the end of the early mornings
Was only a meagre mansion in the evenings.

In your last lines you drew a circle
Though to me it was a circular cycle
Showing how you lived your little life
So breathtakingly in harmony with time.



Dreams have wings, like ideas
They soon fly, far away
In our youth, they stay true
Filled with hope of stardom
As we grow, they unfold
Getting hit by blind bullets
Ever there, ever present
Lurking to break open their veins.

If we all were super men and women
Our army would save our dreams
With our shield, we would conquer
The enemies that drain our hopes
Not the world, or its words
Would steal our strength and will
We would march on and press on
Till we conquer our fields.



Spring Cleaning Your Curtains, Drapes, and Blinds _ Princeton Capital ___ (2).jpgOpen your mind, do not be blind
There is so much to withstand
Stand by the door, expect the knock
Someone is coming with pure luck
Not every hustle is aimless
Not every strife is foolishness
Sometimes the light needs to go dim
For us to find the path within.

Get out of bed, get on ahead
You have been chosen as the head
Betray the shame, recall your name
Who never looks out once for fame?
Why kick the bucket in your youth
Why get so tipsy, high and full
Not every closed eye is asleep
Not every silence ruins peace.



twitter650e587When tiny babes hold in their hands
A fraction of what they see you glory in
Does your heart move to fill their cups
Or you only flaunt before them your rich glasses
Giving their attention to your phones
Watching without care as they hope for help
Hoping in anguish that you’ll anoint their heads
As an ancestor once anointed yours
Does your body ignore your brain’s message
To sate their consuming hunger
Or do you rise to your feet convinced
That they deserve happiness too?